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Relax with every
step you take
Who says you can’t experience a therapeutic massage as you work or go about your day? Our Deluxe Acupuncture Slippers deliver acupressure therapy to both your feet for extended relief from aches and pains. Stimulate blood flow and healing with just a pair of shoes (who would’ve thought?).
Step into reflexology
Wait. What’s that? Reflexology is the idea that pressure points on the feet, hands, and head are linked to different organs and parts of the body. Stimulate relief to anything from the heart to liver and bladder, just by wearing these slippers. Each step not only brings immediate relief to sore and aching feet, but in the long run, can help alleviate other problems in your body.
Keep it clean
Our slippers are constructed with anti-microbial EVA rubber-like material to eradicate any potential foot odor. No smelly feet or slippers here.
Three sizes
Available in EUR 38/ US 7,
EUR 40/ US 7.5, and EUR 42/ US 10.
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Verified Buyer
30 Jun 2022 21:56

my feet use to hurt a lot, from standing and walking around, a lot. i bought these and it was a fantastic purchase. at first they hurt when wearing them ( because my feet were already hurting ) but if you wear them like you are suppose to, just 5 minutes a day, you will quickly notice the difference they make. it was like 3 days for me, to where they no longer hurt when wearing them, and my feet no longer hurt. ive had these for about a year now, and they are fantastic, my feet no longer hurt at all, and it didnt take very long for the pain to go away when i started using them. now i put them on at random times just to put me back to zero so to speak. but these absolutely work, and it doesnt take long. also i use gel inserts in my shoes to make them more soft. my feet havnt been hurting since i bought these.

Verified Buyer
30 Jun 2022 16:00

Like everyone else has said, upon first wearing them they hurt. But after soldiering through it, when I took them off, my feet felt SO MUCH BETTER!!!! I’m on my feet for 10-14hrs a day. And I cant even explain the difference these have made. They basically give your feet a hardcore massage. I recommend wearing socks while having them on. They are hard to walk in, so I wear them while I’m standing washing dishes, or in the shower before bed. I’m so glad I took a chance on these

Verified Buyer
30 Jun 2022 15:11

I cannot stand my whole weight for long (180 pound), and I can definitely not wear them to walk normally. These are a good idea, but it hurts my feet more than it feels good. I still gave it a few stars because if i lean on something and just have my feet slowly go up and down it can feel goot. Furthermore they are sturdy and come with replacement parts.

Verified Buyer
29 Jun 2022 10:43

I've been dealing with plantar fasciitis for some time and tried several approaches. I'd done enough research to know that these slippers would be painful at first but would help over time. And, that's exactly what happened. First time I put them on I couldn't believe it - the only thing missing were shards of glass to make it even more unpleasant! Be prepared for a lot of pain - absolutely ridiculous. And, yes, after a few times the discomfort eases up. I would say after a week or so of consistent, regular use I was able to put them on and be okay. Several months later, when my feet really hurt, I can't stand wearing regular slippers or shoes; I have to use these instead! These days working remotely I stand a lot at my desk, and using these to stand on works a lot better than wearing regular shoes. Highly recommend it!

Verified Buyer
29 Jun 2022 10:42

I have bone spurs. I'm also on my feet alot. I have to say, after trying these today (without socks, I might add), for the instructed 15 mins, I definitely enjoyed how my feet felt afterwards. I think it's all relative, but in my case, my pain isn't excrucitating, but uncomfortable alot of the time. You know, bone spurs, like something's poking out of your foot? These really felt good on my foot. I was more of the attitude, "Bring it on!". I want to feel something. I think these deliver everything they claim they do. Really cool invention. I always rub my feet in the acupressure points and this goes one better.

Verified Buyer
28 Jun 2022 20:35

I haven’t had the shoes so long maybe about a week. So far the longest I have stood in these has been 30 mins. I’ve walked around a little and most of the time I stand in place. My feet, legs, and back were KILLING ME the first few days but I slept like a baby. Normally prior to the purchase my feet would hurt really bad the first thing in the morning when I step out of bed and then on out for the day. Since i started wearing the sandals (with socks) I have noticed in the morning there is little to no pain. I’ve been having chronic foot problems (plantar fasciitis) for over two years now and so far this is the best my feet have felt. I’ve started trying To do about 3-5 mins no socks and I haven’t been successful but afterwards my feet feel amazing. I’d definitely recommend. If your like me just looking for any relief I would give these a try.

Verified Buyer
28 Jun 2022 14:56

I have plantar fasciitis and I stand on my feet the majority of the day. These definitely hurt sooo good... meaning it takes some time to get use to but really helps workout the bed of the foot. These couples w/ compression socks have helped relieve me of foot pain and lower back pain... definitely wear socks to initially break them end.

Verified Buyer
28 Jun 2022 06:28

Just received these and love them. I have sore feet and these are amazing and hurt in a great way while I wear them. When I take them off I feel so relieved. Just wearing them in short intervals now. I am a big guy, so these buttons are getting a workout also! Can’t wait to get used to them!!

Verified Buyer
26 Jun 2022 07:55

I have a desk job & I have to wear business professional attire, sometimes on the daily. While I love that I get to wear my nice clothes and heels, my feet ache at the end of the day. Not to mention the other issues that can occur with sitting 8hrs at work. I bought these slippers on a whim & I have worn them every day since. I didn't take them with me on a weekend trip to visit friends and on the second day of not wearing them, I could definitely tell! Would highly recommend these shoes to anyone looking to reduce stress on their feet and increase circulation to legs/joints after a long day at work. Please note these shoes took me about a week to get used to, they can be a bit painful at first, but definitely beneficial!!

Verified Buyer
26 Jun 2022 07:29

I've had pain & burning in my feet & legs from non-diabetic neuropathy for about 5 years. I have purchased so many "iffy" and "gadget type"" products in hopes of a little relief for my leg and foot pain, usually disappointed, always just hoping for a little help. I ordered these Byriver shoes not expecting much, prepared to be satisfied ( at the price) to be satisfied if the relief were even minimal. Well, the relief is much more than minimal. When I first put these shoes on (barefooted) it was like some midievel torture process. The pain was so much my 75 year old feet couldn't handle more than a few light steps. I put thick socks on and tried again: it was better. Over the next 2 weeks, I graduated to thinner socks, and am now barefoot, walking through the house with them on, for about 5 minutes, 3 times per day.

Verified Buyer
25 Jun 2022 18:37

I would highly recommend - follow instructions- it has released most of my pain and only have small discomfort but as I continue using , it’s getting much better. Following instructions will benefit you.

Verified Buyer
25 Jun 2022 15:31

These slippers help with foot pain, they hurt when walking on it, but just need to get used to it. I put them in the freezer for 10 minutes before wearing, make the slippers nice and cool

Verified Buyer
25 Jun 2022 13:22

I was a bit reluctant to purchase these after reading about the “supposed“ discomfort that so many have written about (they must have very, very tender feet). I find them to be beyond comfortable straight out of the box onto my feet with no socks. I love the sensation of the spring activated pulse points from the toes all the way to the heels. They definitely promote circulation and have eased my lower back pain as I go into my fourth hour of wearing them; flexing my feet as I sit at my desk and walking around my apartment. I’m simply fascinated that so many wrote about them being “unbearable” after 5 minutes. I’m wishing they could make a shoe like this so I can enjoy a foot massage and enhanced circulation all day!!! I’m likely to order another pair for work travel so i don’t have to shuffle them in and out of my suitcase each week. This is an amazing item and I highly recommend it to anyone. Also-in terms of being giftable, the box is perfect for wrapping!

Verified Buyer
25 Jun 2022 03:06

One of the better massage sandals i have.Being spring loaded really gives you a great massage. They really feel great on your feet...Well worth the money!

Verified Buyer
24 Jun 2022 21:54

I have foot problems from diabetes. 15 minutes in the morning noon and night. Makes a huge difference. Doesn’t make the pain go away but definitely makes it less noticeable.

Verified Buyer
24 Jun 2022 18:06

Love these but... you need to incrementaly ease into them. I do need to cavaet the fact, that I love walking barefoot and as such my 50 year foot soles are thick and tough. Even with that fact, I could wear them a few mintues at a time but can now wear them longer. My opinion, is these spring loaded plastic pressure points sandals are better than my immobile stone sandals. The spring loaded points adjust to my physiology. Another plus is the velcro top adjustment feature. They "look" cheap and plastic-ish, but are tough and functional. I was worried the spring loaded pressure points would pop out but that has not been the case. On a strictly annoying point, the sandal lists the particular functionality of the pressure point which is cool...BUT try explaining to your buddies why the sandal has the words " Anus, Rectum, & Genital..." Not important enough to really care for me, but it may for you.

Verified Buyer
24 Jun 2022 14:43

I bought these thinking the same thing everyone thinks when they buy an item that appears to be on the wrong side of snake oil; I can always return them... Folks... I have NOT returned these slippers. I have the absolute WORST (!) Plantar Fasciitis... to the point that they cannot give me a full injection of cortisone because my tendon is so close to rupture! This has been ongoing now for five+ months. I started wearing these slippers during my morning routine and the difference is STAGGERING! So much so that I did not believe it the first time... then tried it a second and third day and the results were the same; I was able to walk flat-footed and put my weight on my foot WITHOUT a supplemental Plantar Strap!!! These slippers are not snake oil - they actually work!

Verified Buyer
24 Jun 2022 09:59

I had done a lot of research on these before I purchased them. When I received them I put them on for 15 minutes and wore them around the house while I did my household chores. I did wear socks with them. The last 5 minutes were a bit painful but I kept them on, just have to get used to them I am sure. The first night I slept better then I have slept in a really long time. I woke up with no knee pain or sciatica and back pain. I could actually get up from a setting position without struggling. I am 71 years old and my knees and back have been giving me a fit for a really long time. My husband was so impressed that he asked me to order him a pair. I truly believe in the health benefits that these offer and all without drugs and/or surgery. I will continue to wear them the recommended 15 minutes per day. I can't say enough positive things about these slippers, have already recommended them to my family and friends.

Verified Buyer
24 Jun 2022 09:03

I suffer from Plantar fasciitis and have tried creams, night splints,socks shots anything you could think of. I came across these slippers looking for more solutions so I decided to give them a try. I have to be honest they HURT like crazy when they on, but when you take them off it's a relief and am not talking about from wearing the shoe but from the Plantar fasciitis. I have been using them for 2 days so let's see how they work after a few weeks. They are good in my book. Wear it with a thick sock until you have used them for a while that helps with the pokey feeling.

Verified Buyer
23 Jun 2022 20:36

I thought these would help my feet problems and they are certainly interesting! But they really hurt my feet so bad to stand and try to walk in them that I gave up on them. Actually gave them to my daughter to see if she liked them and could wear them. I know you have to get used to them but I couldn't

Verified Buyer
23 Jun 2022 09:46

After reading the reviews of all the pain and relief, I decided to give it a try myself. I already have an acupressure mat for insomnia and it really helps me and I thought these might help my aching heel pain. They just arrived and I opened up to immediately put them on to see how much pain I experience. For me, there is a little discomfort walking around on them but nothing like the pain people have described in the reviews. I can definitely see how these are going to help me as it almost feels like a little massage already. I cannot wait for my feet to get broken in by these so I can wear around the house before I go to bed at night.

Verified Buyer
22 Jun 2022 13:38

I was skeptical when purchasing these sandals. I have tried everything, injections, physical therapy, proprietary pain creams designed by my pediatrist, expensive insoles, new shoes, "special socks," Kinesiology tape, support bands for my arch, braces for my feet. You name it I've tried it. I thought to myself what's another 23 bucks after spending a small fortune trying to get rid of this horrible pain. I wish I would have found these sandals three years ago. I have experienced relief from more than just foot pain, my lower back feels better as well. I work in retail, have for 17 years, and I wish I would have known about how effective these sandals are years ago. Being on your feet for 9-11 hours a day is brutal on your feet. They relieve the tension in the bottom of the foot relaxing the tendons and muscles of the ankle and rest of the leg. It's hard to explain just how effective they are but they do work. Initial use of the sandals can be painful and you may have to work up to wearing them for the directed 15 minutes per day but it's worth it.

Verified Buyer
22 Jun 2022 09:59

I usually don’t write reviews unless the website offer me rewards, I always write the truth if it was good or bad, but this time I will write my review because it will help you guy’s especially who has SCIATICA. I have a sever pain in my right foot, I exercise each and stand a lot so the pain was horrible, I tried everything I swear, I got the roll and made massage it helped a little bit until my mom told me about this amazing slippers, when I received I couldn’t walk or stand which indicates how sever is your pain but I insisted, I swear from the second day I’m not feeling the sciatica pain or leg pain or back pain anymore, please give it a try if you have these pain

Verified Buyer
22 Jun 2022 08:25

The pressure points helped heal my heel! I was able to walk in for the recommended 15 minutes on day one. These are not meant for comfort but more of a therapy device. I’m a runner and my (Left) heel had been giving me pain for 8-9 months. Self diagnosed as plantar fasciitis, based on the immediate pain of first steps in the morning; my pain also was exacerbated by running & standing at length. I noticed relief within a week! I also purchased a wooden foot roller and used both as treatment. I’m so glad I tried this product based on excellent reviews because I can wear my heels again! Give these slippers a try if you have foot pain, I wasted money for Dr to just say elevate foot and time will heal it. Seller was excellent in responding & resolving my issue. I HIGHLY recommend giving this product a try based on price value, customer service & effectiveness!

Verified Buyer
22 Jun 2022 08:03

Well, the other reviewers were right: These are like torture sandals! But I've been wearing them (with heavy socks) for five minutes or so each day, slowly building up my tolerance, and I'm impressed. (Perhaps the trick is that my feet feel so relieved once they're OFF that I'm conned into thinking my feet are improving? :-) Really, though, I DO think they are helping my circulation. They also, like someone else commented, tend to make me stand up straighter when I walk on them. And yes, they have an odor when you first unpack them, but that goes away quickly. In short, they seem well made, and I'm really glad I bought them. But they are, of course, purely for therapeutic purposes.

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